Kiol: The Italian Ed Sheeran arrives in concert in Paris!

The British singer breaks records around the world and has imposed his style very quickly. But before breaking everything in his way, he started at the bottom of the ladder, like Kiol , this 20-year-old artist who has everything to become a pop star ! Of Italian origin, this young singer discovered his passion for music during a trip to Ireland a few years ago, and inevitably, it feels a little in his melodies today! With titles like Broken Up Again , Tower or Hard Thing , he has charmed his audience, and there is a good chance he will touch you too!

Invited last year to participate in the festival Eurosonic in the Netherlands, Kiol gradually climbs the ladder and announced some time ago that he would spend in France for a new concert that looks rather bewitching . It will be next October 4th on the stage of the Black Ball in Paris and you can get your seats

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