Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez separated, the reasons for their break finally unveiled?

We know more! Yes, for several weeks, the fans of the singer can be certain of one thing: the couple Jelena put a final end to their history and the young man now lives a romance with Hailey Baldwin. While Selena Gomez is radiant on Instagram since her break with Justin Bieber , it is possible that we finally know more about their breakup . Indeed, according to US Weekly magazine news , their lifestyles were radically different: “Selena Gomez wants more simplicity in her life but that was not the case with Justin.”

While Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber separated several months ago, were the reasons for their break finally revealed?

The source goes on to say, “Her life style was not good enough because Selena Gomez is really committed to becoming a better person every day.” Justin enjoys going out to clubs, going to clubs, spending a lot of time in a recording studio, Selena does not have the same ambitions. ” If this information proves accurate, it would not be surprising since they are no longer the same people as the last time they went out together. It is therefore possible that the pretty brunette has grown in the meantime. While waiting for more info, an old and confusing video of Justin Bieber has resurfaced.

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