Tom Cruise furious with Katie Holmes, he has not seen his daughter for years!

While Katie Holmes would have resumed her life alongside Jamie Foxx, Tom Cruise would not have seen their daughter for years!

If it was clear that the star of Mission Impossible had no contact with his ex since their painful divorce, no one imagined that the actor may have broken contact with his daughter for years . While Tom Cruise asked Facebook to remove photos of Suri , it is that what the American site US Weekly says in its latest issue : ” Everyone is allowed to see his child if she wants. to not see her anymore because she is not part of Scientology Katie Holmes may well have signed a contract that.

The source goes on to say, “She certainly ended up accepting this deal to make sure she could get divorced and get custody of Suri, everyone was hoping the actress could reveal what she knew but I think that Katie just wanted to keep a normal life with her daughter rather than start a huge battle against Scientology One thing is for sure, I do not think Tom wanted Suri’s guard, he prefers Katie to take care of it. ” These are sad statements for the 12-year-old girl .

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