The 100 season 6: Clarke, Bellamy and the others discover the new world

Season 6 of The 100 is coming in a few months and a first glimpse of the new world of Clarke, Bellamy and others are already available. The wait continues until the broadcast of season 6 of The 100 on the CW and to wait more easily until then, we offer you a first glimpse of the new episodes. Thanks to TVLine , some exclusive photos have indeed been unveiled and they show us the new world on which Clarke, Bellamy, Raven and the others will disembark . After having been cryo-preserved for 125 years, the survivors are indeed ready to discover a new planet chosen by Monty to allow them to settle there and rebuild a new civilization. But to say that we are already expecting that all discoveries are not good.

Thanks to the photos, we already know that the usual group will be among the first to set foot on the new planet in season 6 of The 100 . Clarke, Bellamy, Echo, Miller or Jackson will surely go on scouts to make sure no imminent danger threatens them. Because after having escaped death several times on Earth, one hardly imagines what is watching them now that they are in a totally unknown world and, a priori, unexplored . Aliens? Other humans who have already colonized the planet? It will be necessary to wait a few more months before knowing against which the characters will have to fight in the continuation.