Avengers 4: Chris Evans bids farewell to Captain America

The filming of Avengers 4 is over for Chris Evans and the actor has said goodbye to Captain America.

Do you hear that broken heart sound? It’s ours ! Chris arrived at the end of his contract with Marvel Studios and Avengers 4 will be his last film in the skin of Captain America. While the main production of the Russo brothers film ended a few months ago, the film’s actors have been called back for a few reshoots in recent weeks in Atlanta studios. It’s now official, the adventure is over for Chris Evans who posted a touching tweet, paying tribute to the character he played for almost a decade.

He tweeted, “I officially finished filming Avengers 4. It was a very emotional day for me, and that’s saying a lot, playing this role for the last 8 years has been an honor. people in front of the camera, behind the camera and in the audience, thank you for the memories, forever grateful ” . We are sad to say goodbye and we can not wait to see what the writers of Avengers 4 have reserved for the character. Captain America will bow out in Avengers 4 , but how? Will he be sacrificed in the war against Thanos? Will he afford a well-deserved retirement? See you in April 2019 to discover it in the dark rooms!