Lady Gaga at the top in A Star Is Born, is she the popstar of the year?

At a time when everyone already sees A Star Is Born chain Oscar nominations, Lady Gaga may well have regained its status of popstar of the year. We make the point with you!

But who can stop Lady Gaga? This is obviously the question that all-Hollywood poses these days, at a time when A Star Is Born arrives in theaters. Directed by Bradley Cooper (who also holds the other lead role), the film is a remake of a 1937 musical. In the 2018 version, the story has not changed so much: a country star a Little Forgotten discovers a promising young singer and propels her to the front of the stage as her own career continues to collapse. And if we told you a few hours ago that Lady Gaga could beat Kendrick Lamar at the Grammy Awards 2019 , it was not for nothing.

Absolutely unrecognizable in A Star Is Born , the interpreter of “Shallow” also proves on the soundtrack that she is an artist with multiple talents, a real force of nature. Mixing country and pop, said soundtrack of the film is currently making a mark all over the world. Several of the titles are among the best selling iTunes US while the single “I’ll Never Love Again” has just made its debut on US radio. Released just before the end of the 2019 Grammy Awards, the single “Shallow” has 15 million views on YouTubes and more than 11 million Streams on Spotifyas we write these lines. And as if that was not enough, Celebrity Net Worth has already revealed that the value of Lady Gaga had just climbed $ 25 million thanks to A Star Is Born , she is already one of the highest paid artists of 2018 alongside Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande !

But does that make Lady Gaga the popstar of the year? Well the answer is complex. In terms of media coverage, we must admit that Lady Gaga is a little behind, but the trend could be reversed in the next two weeks. Because until then, it must be recognized that it is Ariana Grande (who unveiled the very consistent Sweetener ) and Demi Lovato (whose sales of Tell Me You Love Me have jumped following its overdose) that have monopolized the attention of the media and the public. But now that Lady Gaga has the Golden Globes, Grammy Awards and Oscars in the viewfinder , it goes without saying that we will see it everywhere. These days, she’s even covering the US Vogue as well as the New York Times Magazine!