Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, duo and lover on the new images of A Star Is Born

The film A Star Is Born is revealed a little more with an excerpt from the soundtrack of the film, Shallow, and new images to put in their mouths, A few weeks ago, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper gave us the first images of A Star Is Born , directed by the actor himself and in which the two characters fall in love with each other, and especially thanks to to the music. Offering her first big film role for Lady Gaga (and potentially an Oscar nomination), the film, which was acclaimed at the Venice Film Festival, will be released in our theaters on October 3rd, and the new unveiled footage gives us even more desire to go for it. cinema!

In this excerpt, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga duet the title Shallow , from the soundtrack of the film, and oh boy, we already knew that the singer had an exceptional voice but can we talk about Brad ?! In addition to being a player of genius, also speaking French, he can also sing, and what about Lady Gaga who is bluffing in this first role! The Oscars are not far away.