And if these super-bad Marvel came back for Avengers 4?

In the Marvel universe, we are never safe that a super-villain resurrects … We give you our assumptions! OK, the Marvel universe is not lacking villains ready to spread Evil, but if we are honest, some of them we miss a little … And if a handful of elected came back sowing terror on Earth and -of the ? With a little luck, our bets on the ghosts can be winners. You are listened to those who could rise from the dead, even though since Thanos has divided the number of living beings by two, there is not much more to be martyred.

1. Ultron

A scripted find could allow the robot to make a triumphant return to the Marvel universe: Ultron would not have been really destroyed, but would have been trapped inside Vision, in the Infinity Gem . He would have manipulated the superhero to make him fall in love with Wanda, the only one able to destroy the stone. Released during the destruction of the Gem in Avengers: Infinity War by the lover of Vision, before Thanos reverses the course of time, Ultron would be currently free in the Wakanda. Looking for a body, of course. Yeah yeah, just that.

2. Hela

As a reminder, in Thor: Ragnarok , at no time do we see the lifeless body of the evil witch played by Cate Blanchett. Okay, she seems to be crushed with a sword by Serdar, a fire demon who measures six times the Eiffel Tower, but is that enough? At the moment the blade touches Loki’s sister, we can see a green light, the same as when it appears for the first time at the beginning of the film … A small teleportation, and presto, voila! Imagine what would be Avengers 4 if the goddess of death was part of the adventure and was fighting against superheroes with Thanos.

3. Bucky & Wanda

Left in the void at the end of Avengers: Infinity War , we forget a little fast that these two characters are at the origin of the bad guys. Imagine for a moment that the superheroes still alive find the way to cancel the destruction of half of living beings by Thanos. Would Winter Soldier and Scarlet Witch come back as allies or enemies of the Avengers? Before joining the troop of Gentiles, these two were war machines blindly obedient to the orders of HYDRA. If they resurrected on the dark side, it would be a heavy loss for the superhero’s camp!

4. Loki

Thor’s brother is a master of illusion who has already used his magician powers to deceive his enemies many times. So we have to ask ourselves if he would not have used this ploy to fool Thanos. And, frankly, is Loki crazy enough to show up in front of the ultimate villain of the Marvel universe without any precautions?

5. All the super-bad guys!

This theory will please you: Thanos, thanks to the Glove of Infinity, could open a gap between all the parallel universes of the Marvel galaxy, and bring the still alive versions of the wicked into its reality. By uniting villains with alternative dimensions, he could ride the biggest squad of bad guys ever seen. Even more crazy, what would happen if a second Thanos joined him? That’s what we love with Marvel, nothing is impossible!