Captain Marvel: That’s why Nick Fury and the Avengers have not called it before!

That’s the big fan question: But WHY did Nick Fury not pimp Captain Marvel before? Here may be the answer.

In the Marvel comics, we notice that when the Avengers find themselves facing Thanos, they end up calling Carol Danvers, considered the Ultimate Avengers, to the rescue. She alone would be able to cope with the Titan . After all Kevin Feige, the big boss of Marvel Studios,” Captain Marvel is the most powerful character we’ve created so far, his powers are beyond belief and will be touted as the strongest on the team . ” But if the Avengers call him when they meet Thanos, it’s at the very last moment! At the last grain of sand fallen from the hourglass!

So we can assume that Nick Fury as the Avengers did not feel the need to call before , because they found themselves face to face with Thanos in the last minutes of the film. Iron Man, Spider Man and The Guardians of the Galaxy , who would have had trouble communicating their distress from another planet, are excluded here . So until the final twist, the Avengers only dealt with Thanos’s henchmen. Knowing that they managed to get rid of Ultron and a Chitauris army alone, they had to think they were managing the situation. And then Nick Fury did not witness the arrival of Thanos himself . Assuming he kept the existence of Captain Marvelsecret, he was the only one who could call him and did not see the urgency until he started to disintegrate! Yes, we agree, it’s still the last minute all that. But if we follow the plot of the comics, this decision is not illogical at all, quite the contrary. In the same vein, the heavenly powers of Captain Marvel should be able to overcome the Titan , with a little help. So we hope and we meet on March 6, 2019 to discover its history and the common point between Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers and Bruce Banner!