Why did not Thanos kill the Avengers in single combat?

Why Thanos ( Josh Brolin ) does not kill any of the Avengers in singular combat? The Titan is ready to annihilate half of the universe with his destructive snap, but not to dirty his hands face-to-face? The only superhero to perish directly because of the colossus is Vision, because he has one of the Infinity Stones on his forehead. We may have the answer to what looks like a screenwriter’s quirk, and it comes from the book The Art of Avengers: Infinity War.

“His plan, which is to unite all the Stones of the Infinite, places [Thanos] in the position of a being so powerful that he is appeased, more resolute, and more reasonable. the idea of ​​killing the heroes, as long as he gets all the stones back he can do what he wants when he wants .” explains Ryan Meinerding, Designer and Artistic Supervisor. Which explains why the Titan does not kill his opponents in a duel: he just does not have the use! Another reason is probably to look outside the Marvel universe: the dead before the snap are highlighted in the story, with Loki and Gamora each having the duty to a scene quite poignant.Quantum Kingdom, whose importance was teased by Kevin Feige in Avengers 4 , will set the record straight (and our superheroes on foot).