Avengers 4, Endgame: Will personified death be a greater threat than Thanos?

It’s not because the surviving Avengers have escaped the snap and Thanos has offered a retirement far away that they will be able to run smoothly. Not that they are the type to put their feet under the table by the way. If the survival of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) has already been spoiled , he could well have to look at death in the face. A new, well-crafted theory has just emerged from the depths of Reddit , and you might find it very interesting: “In an interview, Anthony Russo explained that one of Infinity War’s major intrigues was about Thor’s grief, his journey to avenge the missing, and his inability to stop Thanos. Many leaks involve a “bigger threat”, which seems to involve someone more dangerous than Thanos. I recently reviewed Infinity War and, like many others, I noticed that Thor was referring to Hela as his “half-sister”. This inclusion was intentional on the part of directors and screenwriters ” .

And that’s when it becomes interesting: “What if Hela was the goddess of death because her mother had given her the title?” Her mother, as we might learn, is actually death. Would it have been so much more powerful than Thor in Ragnarok? The entire trailer seems to be pointing to “the end”, so what’s more definitive than Death itself? Remember that Katherine Langford joined the cast. it would make a really memorable choice as a villain, Lady Death. It’s the end of the game, facing the universal extinction ” . An idea far from improbable. After all, it has never been confirmed that Angerboda is Hela’s mother., appearing among others in Captain Marvel and Secret Wars II . Originally, Thanos even snaps fingers because he wants to woo her. And as many other theories argue that the missing are actually in the Soulstone , death could come to claim his due, since the victims would have been unveiled in the Age of Ultron . What do you think ? Watch Avengers 4: Endgame trailer video.