Legacies: SPOILER from The Vampire Diaries back? Julie Plec has many plans

Julie Plec anticipates the return of a key but formidable character of The Vampire Diaries in Legacies … She also has many plans for him!

Legacies: SPOILER from The Vampire Diaries back? Julie Plec has many plansSince the beginning of the series, several characters from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have made very noticed appearances in Legacies . We remember Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig), Jeremy Gilbert (Steven McQueen) and Jo Laughlin (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). These returns were placed under the sign of emotion including that of Jo in episode 6 of Legacies . This episode was also one of the saddest of all three series. However, we can expect many surprises in the sequel to Legacies and these characters should not be the only ones to point the tip of their noses … Do you remember Kai, Jo’s twin brother in The Vampire Diaries, the one who was locked in a magical prison with Bonnie and Damon? Well, Julie Plec is very eager for him to appear in the show.

Kai is one of the biggest big bad of The Vampire Diaries. When the show ended, Kai found himself locked in another magical prison, and we assume he’s been rotten for several years! In any case, Julie Plec would dream to find him in Legacies . She explained to TV Guide, ” I have big plans for Kai’s return in my head, and even though they never get to the screen, I have huge plans.” . How and when Kai could return depends on Chris Wood’s willingness to be present in Legacies. The basics of the plot are however posed since Josie and Lizzie are actually the nieces of Kai and the only surviving members of the Coven Gemini. So far, the twins are not aware of this part of their family’s story, but they will find out one day and this could be a great opportunity for Kai’s return! While waiting to know more, discover when will be released episode 8 of Legacies!