Lucifer Season 4: Why Chloe and Lucifer will not put in couple in the first episodes?

For three seasons we were just waiting for one thing … that Chloe and Lucifer get married. It is obvious, the two characters will get together, as in all series that highlight a pair of partners . Moreover, since the very beginning of Lucifer, Chloe and the devil play the game of cat and mouse. The phrase “Flee me I follow you, follow me, I flee you” sums up their relationship, and yet we know they have feelings for each other. In Lucifer Season 3’s Seasonal Finale, Chloe has discovered Lucifer’s true face, and that could drive them away, but that’s not the only reason.we are convinced that we will have to wait before seeing them together.

The writers love to make us simmer and there is little chance for Chloe and Lucifer to be in a relationship right from the first episode of Lucifer season 4 . It is possible that Chloe needs time to accept the identity of the devil. In addition, with the arrival of Eve and the creation of a new love triangle, their story could be set aside for a few episodes . As we know, Eve will do everything to seduce Lucifer and the king of hell will not be insensitive to its charm. Moreover, the priest Kinley should be a threat to Lucifer and especially to Chloe and he will do everything to separate them to prevent a prophecy from being realized.