Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston together, new details on their reunion unveiled

Last weekend, a real earthquake took place on the planet people when the star of Friends found her ex-husband the time of his birthday party. While Brad Pitt would have fallen under the spell of a 21-year-old actress , their reunion has aroused a strong emotion on the Web who imagines they are recovering together more than ten years after their separation. And People magazine conducted a small survey to reveal new details about their meeting: “Most of Jennifer’s party guests sent gifts directly to her, and so does Brad.”

The source goes on to say: “All her friends are very generous and very creative and she seemed very happy with her gifts, so Brad was invited so why would not he come?” He is single and he does not have to report to anyone. and he has spent many years and they were very happy, he obviously had to join the celebration because he wanted to, his friends were happy to see Brad at this party no matter why they were divorced. very courteous to each other.