Justin Bieber in depression, Selena Gomez sends messages of support

These past few years have not been easy for Justin Bieber to handle . Between high-profile rupture and other polemics, the young man has experienced turbulent moments in his private life. If the Canadian singer was married to Hailey Baldwin , his depression unfortunately caught up with him. At worst, the interpreter of “Sorry” has decided to officially ask for help . In fact, the artist is currently undergoing therapy to help improve her mental health. Surrounded by his family, Justin Bieber can count on the unfailing presence of his wife. But not only. Yes, Bieb’s is also supported by Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Contrary to rumors, Selena Gomez would have no animosity towards Justin Bieber . If you believe In Touch , the singer would even support his former boyfriend during this difficult test. “Selena has sent Justin some lovely messages of support wishing her the best, she insists she’s moved on, she’s confident, she’s spiritually stable and fulfilled, and she’s hoping Justin will also be, ” a source told the media. That should please the fans to see that Selena Gomez has kept a certain tenderness for Justin Bieber.