The 100 Season 6: New character will disembark and upset the balance of survivors

The season 6 of The 100 promises to be full of surprises. We left our survivors in a deep sleep and the cryoperation lasted much longer than expected. In the Season 5 Final Season of The 100 , we met Jordan, the son of Monty and Harper, and he woke up Clarke and Bellamy to show them the new planet they could live on. Will our heroes succeed in adapting to this new world? One thing is certain, they will face many twists and they will have to fight again to survive. Moreover, a new character will land in this season 6 of The 100 and it will disrupt the balance of Clarke, Bellamy and others!

Clarke and his friends will not finish their sentences. Ausiello of TVLine has made some confidences about the season 6 of The 100 which will be diffused on April 30th on the CW. He revealed, “The leaders are choosing to remain very discreet – even more than usual – about the coming season, but TVLine has learned that we will meet a powerful warrior named Kaia, a charismatic leader with uncertain loyalties. will upset the new world of characters, and if the series continues beyond season 6, it will probably have its place. ”