Jane The Virgin season 5: Will Jane have the right to a happy-ending? (SPOILERS)

The fifth and final season of Jane The Virgin offers many twists and a lot of emotions! As you all already know, Michael was back in Jane’s life when she thought he was dead for a number of years … By the way, Michael’s comeback will upset the lives of all the characters in season 5 of Jane The Virgin . The love triangle will therefore reform when Jane was about to ask Rafael to marry her … The young woman will always be shared between the two men of his life. But who will she choose? Will our heroine have a happy ending at the Jane The Virgin Final Series ?

In an interview with TV Guide , Jane The Virgin’s creator , Jennie Snyder Urman, made a lot of confidences about the ultimate season, especially about the fate of our heroine. She revealed: “I think that in telenovelas, generally, the heroine or heroes know a happy-ending and the bad guys are punished, we followed these rules …” . Jane will have a happy ending, but what about Michael and Rafael? Is it possible that neither man has a broken heart? We hope so and we can not wait to hear about Jane’s choice.