The 100 season 5: Episode 10, SPOILER tries everything to save the life of Bellamy, Indra and Gaia, our critic

Video The 100 season 5: Episode 10, SPOILER tries everything to save the life of Bellamy, Indra and Gaia, our critic watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 20 July 2018 today's latest complete show by Star Plus.

The promo video of episode 10 of The 100 season 5 announced the color immediately: Many lives are at stake. Disappointed by the betrayal she suffered, Octavia organized a fight to the death between Indra, Bellamy and Gaia . Who escaped alive? We reveal everything in our review of “The Warriors Will” . The episode began with Clarke, taking Madi away from Polis to join Shallow Valley. If the girl tried everything to escape and assume the role of commander, defying Octavia, she ended up changing her mindwhen she had many nightmares, reliving scenes of former commanders and their deaths. Moreover, if Madi did not clearly admit that she had visions of Lexa, she made it clear and it touched a lot Clarke, who never recovered from his death. Before the two women joined the Shallow Valley, we saw Abby fight the lack of drugs, but the drug finally cracked, rushing on the pills during a horrible bloody fight. Clarke and Madi, after discovering McCreary shooting down the deserters in the forest, joined Shallow Valley and found Abby totally unconscious.

Meanwhile, within Wonkru, after a heated debate with Indra, Octavia went to warn his brother of the weaknesses of his former mentor, so he could stay alive and kill her during the fight. If Bellamy told Octavia that she had to stop the war because he would not fight, she refused, before adding, “You can not save someone who’s already dead.” Once again, this episode of The 100 proves how much Octavia’s character is destroyed. Then, the fight in the arena arrived. If we knew that Bellamy did not intend to fight, Indra also told Octavia that she would kill her brother before being killed to save his daughter Gaia. But when the fight began, the survival instinct prevailed and Bellamy tried to defend himself in a fierce battle, just when Gaia wanted to target Octavia with his spear! Finally, his shot was deflected by Bellamy who wanted to save his little sister. But the battle did not stop there.

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