Why did Selena Gomez decided to take a break with social networks?

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Once again, Selena Gomez has decided to take a break from the social networks of which she is the undisputed queen. But why did the singer make such a decision?

In 2016, Selena Gomez had completely disappeared from social networks and had a break of several months. If the singer had returned to the public scene in a very noticeable way and was very present on Twitter or Instagram , she announced recently that she intended to do again a little pause of the social networks. But why did Selena Gomez, determined to partner to forget Justin Bieber , make that decision? “Just remember that negative comments can hurt anyone’s feelings , ” said the star. The singer explained that she was grateful to be able to share her projects and her daily life with her fans but the haters make it difficult.Selena Gomez wants to withdraw a moment of social networks to “take a step back ” but also and especially to live the moment and enjoy life.

Selena Gomez may also be very busy in the coming weeks. Last weekend, she was posting a video of her where we could see her working in the studio on her new album, which should be released soon. Moving away from social networks will allow him to focus on his work and prepare everything for the launch of this new album to be a success . In addition, she can also take more time for her to relax. Selena Gomez, whose reasons for breaking with Justin Bieber were recently unveiled , recently returned to her friendship with Taylor Swift, but also to the fact that she never wanted to cover a magazine again. The singer did not appreciate that the American edition of Elle magazine, which she is the star of the October 2018 issue, mentioned her religious faith. Selena Gomez plans to preserve her privacy and said she did not care what people think or how many followers she has. The singer prefers to lead a healthy life away from public life for a moment.

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