Star Wars 9: Will Kylo Ren recover his helmet?

Video Star Wars 9: Will Kylo Ren recover his helmet? watch online. Tv serial Cinema 4 December 2018 today's latest complete show by Star Plus.

In The Last Jedi, Ben Solo (Adam Driver) killed the Supreme Leader Snoke ( Andy Serkis ) and affirmed his dark ambition by taking the reins of the First Order . Kylo Ren is suspected of wanting to build a new Death Star in Star Wars 9 , but Han and Leia’s son may also be looking for his helmet. Punished by the Supreme Leader in episode 8, he destroyed his helmet (inspired by that of his idol, Vader) in a gesture of pure rage, once alone and safe from Snoke’s eyes. He let himself go to break the mask against the walls of the “elevator”, completely distorting the object. So we did not expect to hear about it again, until a post on the Making Star Wars site .

“Several sources have reported seeing Kylo Ren wearing his mask repaired during clothing sessions, which means that we can not yet tell how often it appears with the helmet, so if this news disappoints you, try to keep it In their minds, it seemed as though the mask had been reconstructed using some kind of adhesive material made of red crystals, the whole thing gave the mask a “corrupt look.” A little Kylo, ​​a little Vader, and perhaps also a touch of the features of Maul’s face “, details the website Making Star Wars. Information to take with tweezers, but we can imagine the young man wearing his helmet during the possible final duel between Kylo and Rey in Star Wars 9.