Outlander season 4: Episode 8, Brianna’s sacrifice, our verdict

Video Outlander season 4: Episode 8, Brianna’s sacrifice, our verdict watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 25 December 2018 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

A few hours after the release of a new episode of Outlander season 4, discover this not our verdict of “Welmington”.

The season 4 Outlander does not spare us with an episode filled with twists that cause a real emotional lift until the last minute. In episode 8, entitled “Welmington” , several nice reunions take place but difficult to remember anything other than the last scene, heartbreaking and heartbreaking. As the promo video had hinted, Roger finds Brianna and the two upset lovers end up saying “yes” before sealing their love . Yet disenchantment comes quickly, when Brianna learns that Roger was already aware of the fate of his parents.

And after a tender and sweet scene, Outlander’s episode 8 of Season 4 brings out a selfish and macho Roger, far from what he was when he joined the series. The argument between Brianna and Roger is full of resentment, incomparable to the many disputes between Claire and Jamie that inevitably resolve on the pillow. It must be said that Roger does not have the same morals as Jamie and is less progressive despite his 200 years in advance . He decides to leave Brianna alone, although it is doubtful that he is really going back in his time. The young woman has barely time to recover from her emotions that she falls on the evil Bonnet, in possession of the alliance of Claire that Brianna recognizes.

A staggering rap scene follows that will have serious consequences not only for Brianna, but also for her relationship to her mother and what she has just suffered in order to recover her alliance. We only hope that this scene was not only intended to highlight the cruelty of Bonnet, the new big villain of the season. Outlander has never been tender with his characters but a difficult scene, that the viewer is almost forced to imagine, must be justified by intrigues. The rest of the episode revealed that Murtagh had a traitor in his ranks, and that Claire and Jamie might have changed the fate of the United States by smearing George Washington’s reputation.. But despite this major upheaval for America, the joy of seeing Fergus again and the pleasure of seeing Claire win in a sexist world, “Wilmington” remains a dark and tragic episode which, we hope, will be followed by others more lenient for Brianna.