Vikings: Season 6 will be the last, a spin-off in preparation!

Video Vikings: Season 6 will be the last, a spin-off in preparation! watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 6 January 2019 today's latest complete show by Star Plus.

Good and bad news for Vikings fans.

While we are waiting for Vikings season 5 episode 17 to air on History, bad news has come: season 6 will be the last . But that’s not all since, according to Deadline , a spin-off of the series could soon see the light of day. Vikings’ creator Michael Hirst and the MGM studios want to continue the adventure of this fascinating Nordic people with a brand new series. No detail has yet been unveiled on the intrigues or characters of this spin-off. It could for example be a prequel or a sequel, with the ancestors or descendants of Ragnar, Lagertha, Bjorn and others.

The announcement of Vikings’ shutdown after season 6 may not be that bad considering the growing criticism of writing the latest episodes. After a successful first part of the season, the rest of the season 5 is hardly convincing fans , with love dramas too much put forward and characters with behavior sometimes annoying. Yet the series still knows how much to do in terms of battle and we hope that the rest of the fifth season of Vikings will prove more convincing. At the end of season 6, which should arrive later this year and end in 2020, 89 episodes will have been broadcast.