Avengers Endgame: Could Captain America sacrifice himself to save Tony and Pepper’s child?

Video Avengers Endgame: Could Captain America sacrifice himself to save Tony and Pepper’s child? watch online. Tv serial Cinema 9 January 2019 today's latest complete show by Star Plus.

Since Captain America: Civil War, it’s the hecatomb. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are definitely angry. They do not talk anymore, do not call each other … Their bromance never really took off. But that could change in Avengers 4, Endgame . As long as Tony survives with one of these 7 possibilities , he will soon find himself facing a devastated Captain America, as we saw in the trailer. They are mature and intelligent enough to put their rivalry aside in order to face together the consequences of the Thanos snap. And to think together about a solution to bring back all their missing friends and the rest of the universe if possible. Except at Marvelthere is always a quack somewhere. And it is perhaps in their common values ​​that the Russo brothers drew inspiration for the final twist.

We already know that Pepper will have his own armor in the next part, but also that she is officially pregnant! A Reddit user added two plus two in an interesting but tragic theory. He imagines that Pepper will fight against Thanos to defend his new family and will be on the verge of being killed by the Titan. Still heroic, Steve Rogers will sacrifice himself to save Tony’s wife and child, which will give Iron Man enough fury to defeat Thanos.once and for all. Knowing that he will never be reunited with Peggy, Steve will die thinking about the family he saved, which he would never have had with the woman he loves the most. Tony will be able to retire away from all the hustle and bustle of Avengers and raise his son / daughter with all the love he thought his own father had kept for him. In short, a happy ending in half-tone. Thanos is defeated, the dead are no longer dead, Tony can live a quiet life, far from Spider-Man Far From Home , but Captain America will no longer be there to witness this well-deserved rest. Tragic, poignant and quite likely. What do you think ?