Vikings season 5: Episode 17 tonight, double threat for Ivar

Video Vikings season 5: Episode 17 tonight, double threat for Ivar watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 10 January 2019 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

There are only a few hours left before a new episode of Vikings airs and tonight a new war is about to begin.

A week has passed and it is soon time to discover a new episode of the fifth season of Vikings on History . In “The Most Terrible Thing” , things are likely to move around the universe of the series. In Kattegat, Ivar rallied his subjects to prepare them to attack the Saxons . After the defeat of Harald, Ivar indeed intends to go to England to defeat King Alfred. But not until his wife has given birth, it may be that a jump in time or an unexpected event takes place that will make things happen faster. But Ivar is not alone in preparing for the war.

In Wessex and after a first win in Vikings season 5 , King Alfred prepares for a new clash. Once again, Ubbe is ready to take matters into his own hands and asks the king to give him command of his army if he does not want to lose this battle. Bjorn, on his side, left King Alfred’s camp to join Harald’s side, to form an alliance and remove Ivar from Kattegat . But will Bjorn actually leave Kattegat’s throne with Harald if they manage to defeat Ivar? Finally in Iceland the situation continues to worsen under the helpless eyes of Floki. How long will it last?