Avengers Endgame: This former enemy of the Avengers back?

Video Avengers Endgame: This former enemy of the Avengers back? watch online. Tv serial Cinema 13 January 2019 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

The first Avengers, during which Loki and the Chitauris army were trying to invade the Earth, came out – it was without counting on the team of the Avengers, reunited by Nick Fury. Well the same person who leaked on Instagram the new Captain America costume in Endgame also posted a cliche of the Chitauris LEGO version (since deleted). This tends to confirm the hypothesis that the battle of New York will be lived once again by the avengers , and that it will be decisive in the fight against Thanos (Josh Brolin). These terrible aliens obeying the Mad Titan were the first threat faced by the entire Avengers during an epic battle.

On the head above we can see the emblematic helmet of the aliens and their jaws lined with sharp teeth, two characteristics of Chitauris. In view of the already substantial number of details of Avengers Endgame proving that there will be a jump in time , it comes to add to a long list well provided. What remains to be discovered is how and for what purpose the avengers will have the opportunity to travel back to the battle of New York , but also which of them (knowing that only a handful to survive the “snap”, including Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow). No way to know more before the release of the film in April.