The Walking Dead 9: The mystery of A and B finally bored?

Video The Walking Dead 9: The mystery of A and B finally bored? watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 15 January 2019 today's latest complete show by Star Plus.

We are slowly but surely approaching the month of February and the rest of season 9 of The Walking Dead . And to wait, we look at the history of the A and B and a rather interesting theory issued on this subject by a surfer on Reddit. Although once mentioned during his conversation with Gabriel and the occupants of the helicopter, the A and B have been part of The Walking Dead for a little while already. Or at least the A, which we have seen several times in the series. Theories are numerous to explain what these letters correspond to: alpha and beta for leader and follower, friend or foe … And if it was a more basic categorization, but also more essential:¬†People are a resource, it’s a message we have often heard in the series. Could they be a resource in the first sense, a means that allows existence? After all, we’ve already met Gareth and his group from the Terminus, for whom humans were above all to have their meat intake without problem. A food classification is not unthinkable because in a world where food is scarce, probably more than one group has already thought of humans as a resource . The group that Jadis contacted could have the same state of mind and think that to survive, you have to eat or be eaten. Some clues could in any case point in this direction, as for example the fact that episode 16 of season 4 entitled “A”.

And it is possible that this system, although unknown to Michonne, Daryl and others, is more widespread than we think. After all, Season 9 of The Walking Dead has once again shown that the communities of survivors are as numerous as they are varied. And the letter system to designate things as edible or not could have already been used by Gareth and his group . Not only the letter A appears on one of the containers of the Terminus, but when they want to execute 8 people, they make the distinction by specifying “4 of the container A and 4 of the container D”. The classification could therefore go beyond the A and B, and extend to several types of categories.

Beyond these few examples, the letter A remains prominent in the series but not always with any possible relationship with a cannibalistic community. In Alexandria, Sam had a stamp of the letter A with which he marked several Alexandrians. At the Sanctuary, Daryl was wearing a jumpsuit with a big one on top. It is therefore possible that the A’s and the classification in A and B are two separate intrigues . Especially since if everything is linked, it would mean that writers have been working on it for several seasons, and long-term consistency has not always been the strong point of the series … In any case, it deserves thinking but it will probably wait for movies focused on Rick to have an answer.