Elizabeth II upset by the scandals around Meghan Markle?

Video Elizabeth II upset by the scandals around Meghan Markle? watch online. Tv serial Celebrities 15 January 2019 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

Contrary to what some people think, Meghan Markle is far from being hated by the palace staff . In reality, the Duchess of Sussex is very much appreciated by her staff. And according to the information that runs in the British press, the young woman has managed to make a pretty place in the royal family. To the point of having a beautiful relationship with the Queen of England. However, Meghan Markle also has to contend with the controversy surrounding her family and the sometimes very inappropriate statements of her father Thomas and half-sister Samantha. A complicated situation. But does this really embarrass the English monarch? Here is his opinion on the question.

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According to revelations from a royal source at Vanity Fair , Queen Elizabeth II does not really appreciate how Meghan Markle manages her family problems: “The Queen was afraid that Meghan’s worries would get out of control, which was the case. She wanted to fix the situation, make it disappear, but Meghan preferred not to react and fend for herself, but even if the Queen does not always agree with Meghan, she has a lot of respect for her. Majesty lets her manage her problems as she sees fit. ” As you can see, the Sovereign respects the choices of her beautiful granddaughter and supports her in her decisions.