Marvel Studios: A film about the next generation of Avengers in preparation?

Video Marvel Studios: A film about the next generation of Avengers in preparation? watch online. Tv serial Cinema 17 January 2019 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

Many contracts Marvel actors reach their end, but the studios may have the solution to make the Avengers live longer. Already worried by the idea that the upcoming release of Avengers Endgame, one of the movies that everyone expects in 2019 , sounds the end of the Avengers? The site WeGotThisCovered has made a revelation that could change the situation: indeed, sources indicate that this fourth part of the team of superheroes should both finish one era and start another. A new Avengers movie would indeed be in an early stage of development at Marvel Studios , and it would be the new generation of avengers known as Young the comics books. This team is made up of Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye, Hulkling (son of a Skrull princess and Mar-Vell), Iron Lad and Patriot (for short, New Iron-Man and Captain America), Wiccan (a wizard), Stature (the daughter of Scott Lang) and another version of Vision.

The only members of the future cast that we can already predict more or less certain, are Emma Fuhrmann , the interpreter of the daughter of Scott Lang, Cassie, and super-heroine named Stature, and 13 Reasons Why actress , Katherine Langford, who may well introduce Kate Bishop into Endgame , as heir to Hawkeye’s costume. At first sight, this project seems to be a way for Marvel Studios to capitalize on Avengers ‘ immense success by creating a sequel with young actors, in order to perpetuate the franchise without trying to develop new, truly defined characters (in the Young Avengersthey are mostly “sons of” or aliases). But wait to learn more about the project before forging a final opinion!