Vikings Season 5: Episode 18, Ragnar visits Lagertha, our verdict

Video Vikings Season 5: Episode 18, Ragnar visits Lagertha, our verdict watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 18 January 2019 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

Episode 18 of the fifth season of Vikings was broadcast recently, and the series approaches the end of the season with a lack of consistency in the episodes. And as usual, it is the intrigue on the side of Iceland that turns out to be the least interesting despite efforts to reinvent itself. Although we want to know what Floki will find in the cave, we can not wait for this plot to end . Beside the deep boredom caused by Floki’s wanderings, the episode also offered several strong scenes, especially with the return of Lagertha. Delirious and weakened, Lagertha was found by a Judith just as shocked as us.

Episode 18 of Vikings Season 5 then calls on his mystical side to try to explain Lagertha’s return to reality. And for that, it is Ragnar she finds in her hallucinations. Ragnar during his last moments before being plunged into a sinkhole of snakes, but also during a peaceful and accomplice moment. Revisiting the former king of Kattegat provokes a mixed feeling, between the joy of seeing Ragnar again in the series, and pain in front of the scene in which he appears . Skilful, Vikings reminds us in just a few minutes of the love uniting Ragnar and Lagertha, and the strength she can still draw from it today, the death that allows her to be reborn.

The return of Lagertha is all the more interesting that it is done through Judith, another warrior wounded by his lot of tragedies who lost his shield. The two women understand each other and can rest on each other and we hope to see them help themselves to rebuild despite the fate awaiting Judith . In Kattegat the news is bad too, with an ever more tyrannical Ivar that not only burns his opponents, but reproduces his father’s actions after the birth of his deformed son Baldur. Not sure that this time, Freydis is here to rescue the one who should have been “the divine child”. Act of cruelty or clemency, the gesture could have been ambivalent if it had not been preceded by pyres and words of.

As Ivar continues to sink, Hvitserk achieves his goal by convincing King Olaf to change his enemy. And off the Channel, Ubbe also embarked on negotiations with the Danish kings and reached an agreement with two of them. The third, who prefers to fight against the army of King Alfred than to own lands offered by Ubbe, will have to fight a duel against him. Ubbe’s arrogance and his desire to avoid needless deadly fights are reminiscent of his father . And the presence of Torvi, frank and proud at his side, only highlights the similarity of this duet with the one formed by Ragnar and Lagertha years ago.

Finally Bjorn has reasons to celebrate, he marries Gunnhild and takes the opportunity to hold Harald speech as arrogant as fair. Will Bjorn’s words push him to betray their alliance? And will Harald eventually lose patience with a Magnus ever more greedy for Viking recognition? This is hoped, the young man has convinced no one of his membership in the lineage of Ragnar and proving to be more of a nuisance – for the characters as for the viewers – than anything else. In addition to the alliances and the preparation of an impressive war against Ivar, “Baldur” especially marked the long-awaited rebirth of Lagertha. Aware of its weaknesses, the former queen has found some of its superb and could quickly add to the list of Ivar strikers ever longer. To see her again at the center of her own plot, without being a teary lover, promises beautiful things and we hope to see her again in the heart of the Vikings as it should be.