Avengers Infinity War: The filmmakers justify the absence of Adam Warlock

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Invited by Collider , the directors of Avengers Infinity War , Joe and Anthony Russo, were asked in question-answer why Adam Warlock is not in the film (and he might not appear in The Guardians of the Galaxy either 3 ) . Indeed, the fans would like to know why the plot of the comics book The Infinity Gauntlet was not followed : in this one, once all the stones brought together by Thanos, he snaps half of the universe, but Nebula seizes the Glove and goes crazy because of his powers. Adam Warlock then comes into play to help cancel the chaosAs a result … Readers of comics books were upset not to see the famous character landing in Infinity War.

” We had several pre-established characters, and sometimes comic characters, well, being a fan myself , I do not want to see a literal interpretation of a comics book that I read a hundred times because that I do not want to go to the movies knowing exactly what is going to happen, for me, it ruins the experience of going to see a movie, so sometimes we take the narrative arcs of some characters from the books and we give them to other characters, or we just get inspired from the comics and we get out of the story for good, in which case the characters in the comics have nothing to do with what we do in the Marvel cinematic universeexplains Joe, one of the Russo brothers, which means that the directors do not want to adapt the comics to the letter in order to reserve surprises for the viewers, but that does not mean that Warlock will not appear in the future of the MCU . Could there be a role, but different from the one he has in the comics? Let Us Know!