Selena Gomez is back, and she hopes to be a new person in 2019

Video Selena Gomez is back, and she hopes to be a new person in 2019 watch online. Tv serial Celebrities 22 January 2019 today's latest complete show by Star Plus.

In September 2018, Selena Gomez confided in Elle magazine , and said she wanted to move away from spotlights to focus on more “concrete” things, and enjoy a quieter life away from Los Angeles (the flood of comments on engagement of her ex, Justin Bieber, with the model Hailey Baldwin not to be foreign to it). A few weeks later, the ex-Disney star is, once again, one of the sites, the so-called “interned in psychiatric clinic after an emotional shock”, and she disappears from radars and social networks until the end of the year, where she was spotted during a ski holiday with her friends. And since ?

If the young woman had not spoken in months, she has just reappeared on the social network, Instagram, where she was, still recently, the most followed person in the World : “It’s been a while since you’ve no news from me, but I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year, and thank you for all the love and support I have received, last year was a year of reflection on myself, It’s always these challenges that show you the person you are, and what you are able to overcome Believe me, it’s not easy, but I’m proud of the person I have become, and I look forward to this new year, I love you. ” 

The year 2019 begins with positive good vibes for Selena Gomez and fans could (perhaps) rely on a new artistic impulse on the side of the star, with a new album or an appearance on the big screen, unless she does not dedicate entirely to good causes, as it did in the middle of last year. A busy year on the side of the stars , and a radical change for one of the most beloved stars of the general public!