Legacies: Episode 8, the sacrifice of SPOILER, our verdict of the Winter Premiere

Video Legacies: Episode 8, the sacrifice of SPOILER, our verdict of the Winter Premiere watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 26 January 2019 today's latest complete show by Star Plus.

After long weeks of absence, the spin-off of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals came back on our screens and as much to say that it has put us in full view. In this Winter Premiere of Legacies, Hope did everything to find Landon who was in danger … Did she manage it? The editorial of melty invites you to discover his verdict of this episode 8 of Legacies . “Maybe I Should Start From The End”started with Hope, Alaric and Landon waking up in a field in Fort Valley, Georgia and they did not look good. To find out what happened there, we have to go back in time … So we find Landon two weeks earlier in Kansas in search of his mother and the good news is that he found. On paper, Seylash seems to be the perfect mother however, she loses points when she drugged her son and used all kinds of things in a plot to murder her own son.

Hope and Alaric have managed to find Landon and his mother in a shabby hotel room and the revelations have only fallen in this Winter Premiere of Legacies ! After serving in the military, Seylah met with an intelligence agency tasked with keeping the supernatural world secret. When a creature threatened to expose this world to strangers, she stalked her and brought her to the siege and her memory was erased after each mission … When she discovered that the reason she had forgotten the creatures was because the organization had sent them to Malivore, she was also thrown into the pit and reappeared suddenly two years later … inexplicably pregnant!After telling the whole truth to Alaric, Seylah ran away and things got worse. A horrible creature came out of the tub and wanted to kill Alaric, Hope and Landon. In addition, Landon apparently stole the second key Malivore but he has no memory, and Hope believed it!

Hope had the brilliant idea to put Landon’s tracker in the urn and give it back to the creature to go to Malivore. The monster drove them to a complex belonging to Triad Industries but blew himself up with a bomb before reaching the building. Meanwhile, Seylah pioneered herself and sacrificed herself by plunging into Malivore and erasing her existence from the world. However, for some unknown reason, Hope remembered everything that had happened in the past few days. Although she wanted to keep it secret to Landon until she discovered the truth, she revealed everything to Alaric, including that she had brought the urn back to Salvatore School. What is this object? We should know quickly because in the last seconds, the key began to shine! This Winter Premiere from Legacies was very successful and had a lot of revelations. The plot has captivated us from start to finish and Julie Plec always manages to surprise us. The special effects are still as well done and the characters so charismatic that they carry us in their stories. Waiting for a new episode,discover the spoilers of the week!