Shameless season 9: Episode 9, bad surprise for Frank, our verdict

Video Shameless season 9: Episode 9, bad surprise for Frank, our verdict watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 29 January 2019 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

The season 9 Shameless continues on Showtime with a new episode this week well paced for Gallagher. The intrigues advancing slowly but surely, with a sad constant: the fall of Fiona. Even without her plaster, the young woman still feels bad and gets stuck in an endless destructive spiral . The episode suggested that boxing classes with his colleague could provide him with the necessary escape for his anger and malaise, but even this controlled environment was not enough to contain Fiona’s rage. Knowing that Emmy Rossum will leave the series at the end of the season, it is hoped that the writers have made a happier conclusion than his current plot to honor his character.

As for other Gallagher, resourcefulness is always at the rendezvous. Debbie has learned from her sister and manages the finances of the family with an iron fist. Carl, meanwhile, reveals a touching and mature facet by putting his girlfriend’s future ahead of his own feelings . An evolution that is pleasing to see and which shows that in the season 9 of Shameless , the characters are not there to stand still. Except Frank, obviously, which remains the same since the very first episode of the series. Even if the future mother of his 6 (!) Children makes him look like the adult responsible for the couple, we did not forget that it was with Carl’s sperm that he had his girlfriend fertilized. And this is only his latest scam … On Lip’s side too, maturity takes over with the decision to be exclusive with his girlfriend. And while Vee and Kevin are looking for Santiago’s family, he shows Liam how to make money. In short everyone is busy and Shameless offers us a nice and well paced episode . It is hoped, however, that the fall of Fiona is coming to an end and she will soon be ready to take over and finish the series in style. The pounding and determined young woman we know has the means to get out of it and we would prefer to know her a happy minimum before she bows out.