Lucifer season 4: Could SPOILER go after Chloe?

Video Lucifer season 4: Could SPOILER go after Chloe? watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 30 January 2019 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

The wait is long ! The release date of Lucifer Season 4 has still not been released by Netflix for our greatest despair. If Aimee Garcia had hinted that the next episodes would be broadcast in April or May 2019 , we are still waiting for official confirmation. In any case, this season 4 Lucifer book many surprises! In addition to being sulphurous and giving us more nude scenes, a new character will disembark and he will be completely obsessed with the devil in the season 4 of Lucifer. By the way, one wonders if Father Kinley could go after Chloe to prevent a prophecy from happening.

Father Kinley will do everything to prevent Lucifer and Chloe from getting together in Lucifer season 4 . In a recent interview with TVLine , Tom Ellis revealed: “He is a little obsessed with this prophecy that the devil will walk the earth and find his first love, and when that happens, evil will be released on the world. ” . But then, what does he intend to do to prevent this prophecy from happening? Will his obsession lead him to hurt Chloe since Lucifer is invincible? It’s quite possible, the detective should be wary! His life may be in danger in this season 4 of Lucifer.