Vikings season 5: Episode 20, Ragnarok, our verdict

Video Vikings season 5: Episode 20, Ragnarok, our verdict watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 1 February 2019 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

The episode 20 of season 5 of Vikings has just been broadcast that we already know that the time will be long while waiting for season 6. The entire second half of the season led to an epic battle between the sons of Ragnar, and despite some little subtle scripting strings, the episode remains a success. The first assault launched by Bjorn, Harald and Hvitserk is a failure and we must salute the warlike ingenuity of Ivar who will stop at nothing to ensure victory . Still more insane, the king of Kattegat unleashes the flames of hell until his brothers retreat.

The end of the first battle also marks the death of Magnus, whose role in the fifth season of Vikings will remain blurred forever. Neither endearing nor useful to the plot, the false son of Ragnar had his viking epiphany too late and will remain, for the characters as for the viewers, a dead body among others abandoned on the battlefield. But for all his ability to stage realistic and fascinating wars, Vikings sometimes remains limited by predictable intrigues including Freydis’s betrayal. Just as we knew, from her arrival in Bjorn’s tent, Hvitserk and Harald, that she would not survive Ivar’s wrath.

The death of Freydis, strangled by Ivar, is a slow agony for her as for her killer and the long minutes he needs to die are especially used to contemplate Ivar, more cruel than ever. The latter will not even face his brothers, who managed to enter Kattegat thanks to Freydis . Bjorn’s frustration with the useless civil war between old friends is reminiscent of his father Ragnar and his desire to put the well-being of his people above all else, but no one will bring him Ivar, the vanquished king. Bjorn is thus proclaimed king of Kattegat by Lagertha, whom chance has landed with Ubbe and Torvi at the right moment, while Ivar fled.

The end of season 5 Vikings has a bitter taste despite the victory of Bjorn who, like his father, is in the grip of visions and in particular that of the Seer that recalls the prophecy now accomplished. What will happen now? This is the question we are asking just as much as Bjorn who bears the heavy responsibility of ruling Kattegat. Once again Vikings shows that she shines in battles and in always impressive action scenes. Floki’s plot will have no more conclusion than in the previous episode and it’s no worse . We only regret the almost decorative role of Lagertha, Ubbe and Torvi, who literally arrived after the battle and who, we hope.