The Flash Season 5: Episode 12, SPOILER discovers Nora’s secret

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Near the truth! Last night, in episode 12 of Season 5 of English TV Series The Flash, Nora and her parents ventured into memory and they had their share of revelations! In addition, a member of the team learned the truth about Nora … Who is it? Melty’s editorial invites you to discover his verdict of ” Memorabilia” . After having decided to wake Grace to touch Cicada, Sherlock had a new idea, to enter Grace’s mind to get her out of her coma. However, the process is not without risk and according to him, it is better to go to two which leaves Nora puzzled … The daughter of Barry and Iris is afraid that they discover his alliance with Thawne.In the hope of success, Nora secretly connected to Grace’s brain to go solo. She then found the girl at the CCPD after the death of her parents. Unfortunately, just arrived, the portal is gone. Grace guided Nora in search of a new portal but landed in an idyllic version of her uncle’s kitchen.

Back to STAR Labs where Barry and Iris learned that their daughter was stuck in Grace’s memory in this episode of The Flash. Sherloque sent them to find her, but they found themselves in Nora’s memories. They discovered their little girl spinning at the Flash Museum (formerly STAR Labs) and Barry was amazed by this memorial. However, they were shocked to learn that Cicada had killed 152 people. In addition, Iris collapsed when she saw her future version reprimand Nora for running away. Meanwhile, Nora was transported to Grace’s hospital room where she realized that the little girl was hearing everything during her coma. She understood that she was the daughter of The Flash, and therefore a meta, and she seems to have the same hate as her uncle for the metas.Grace therefore called Cicada as a defense mechanism to attack Nora while Barry and Iris had to cope with the animated costume of Reverse-Flash . The trio was trapped and in great danger, but fortunately Caitlin and Sherlock came to their rescue with a phone call. They explained to them that they had to find the location of a false memory to open a portal!

For Nora, it was the idyllic kitchen she had fought with Cicada. For Barry and Iris, it was the mother / daughter scene we witnessed that was tainted by Nora’s negativity and anger. Barry and Iris managed to get by and join Nora to save her and bring her back with them. Grace has remained and it will be difficult to save her since her brain contains traces of black matter. Subsequently, Sherloque confronted Nora in front of everyone by revealing that she was protecting a secret … her painful feelings about her mother. This feint enabled him to ask Barry how Nora’s defense mechanism had manifested itself and he was not surprised by the answer. He seems to have discovered Nora’s secret!The final minutes of episode 12 of Season 5 of The Flash were festive for Nora and her parents as Iris agreed to work for the Central City Citizen and Nora comforted her by telling her that she had already changed the future, including the year of creation of the newspaper.

Speaking of the future, it seems that the Cicada woman we saw (the Cicada of 2024) is an adult Grace. She plans to take revenge on Nora and her family … The girl is not so innocent and announces herself to be a formidable future big bad. This episode was successful, mixing action and emotion. Barry and Iris’ journey through the memories of their daughter was very interesting and allowed to get closer to his secret. On the other hand, we were charmed by the nascent complicity between Cisco and Ralph. The two characters had little interaction in this season 5 of The Flash and this seems finally to change.