You Season 2: SPOILER still alive and soon back? The WTF theory!

Video You Season 2: SPOILER still alive and soon back? The WTF theory! watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 3 February 2019 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

One of the characters killed by Joe Golberg would not actually be dead and would wait for the right moment to return to You. This is the WTF theory of the week! Joe Goldberg may have more and more murders to his credit, but that does not prevent him from making mistakes. At the end of Season 1 of You, Candace was back! You were then told several theories that could explain this in season 2 . According to one of them, Joe thought to have killed his ex-girlfriend but finally, the young woman was just badly injured and could be saved. What if it happened to another character? Did Joe really take every precaution by killing Beck’s BFF, Peach Salinger? In episode 6 of You , he was already trying to kill her in Central Park but the young woman embodied by Shay Mitchell had escaped.Peach is a survivor! So, some fans think she could still be alive and wait for the right moment to come back and take revenge on Joe! This is the WTF theory of the week!

What if Peach makes you think she’s dead to come back and make Joe Goldberg fall in Season 2 of You ? On Twitter , a fan revealed his theory and began by reminding us that we have never seen the corpse of Beck’s BFF. In addition, Joe shot him but immediately fled. Thus, it is quite possible that his bullet wound was not fatal! Peach is a calculator and might have thought that simulating death was the best way to take revenge. In addition, Raj, one of his friends from the University, came to visit him in his home in Connecticut. If we saw Beck leave, we never saw Raj leave the scene.If he was still inside, he would have heard the shots and since he is a medical student, he could easily have helped Peach get away with it.