Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3: Chris Pratt gives news of the movie

Video Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3: Chris Pratt gives news of the movie watch online. Tv serial Cinema 5 February 2019 today's latest complete show by Star Plus.

It’s a little cross and banner to get information on the third installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s adventures . While it was thought that a director had been found , it could well be that Travis Knight eventually declined the proposal. So can the film really come out after James Gunn’s departure? In any case Chris Pratt , aka Peter Quill, is optimistic, as he confides in an interview for Variety on the red carpet preview of the world of Ralph 2 : “I promise you there will be a third movie, I do not know exactly what it will look like, but I know that everyone on board is eager to give the fans what they want and to conclude this trilogy so significant “.

A few weeks ago, actress Karen Gillian, aka Nebula, had already reassured fans : ” Our director will no longer be with us, but we are delighted to continue the story of the Guardians of the Galaxy and continue to tell the fans this adventure is the most important thing, I do not have any details on when the next movie will be released, but there is a scenario ” . Anyway, the film is still not in production, so do not expect it to come out before the end of 2020, or even in 2021 . The intrigue of Avengers Endgame will have an impact on the story, since for now, Gamora is dead, Peter, Groot and Drax have gone to dust andNebula is stuck in space with Tony Stark . All the more reason to absolutely want a suite!