Avengers Infinity War: Is Loki still alive?

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Marvel’s writers are very good at leaving little crumbs behind them, so fans can pull their hair out in search of a clue. Last guess to date: The mini trailer unveiled at the 2019 Super Bowl teaser he return Loki? Could one of the MCU’s favorite characters come back from the dead? After all, it would not be the first time the God of trickery fooled us … If you look good, to start the teaser, the Studios decided to put pictures of the superheroes disappeared in dust at the snap, or deadfrom Thanos’s hand: Spider-Man, Nick Fury, The Falcon, The Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy, including Gamora and Vision, technically dead before the snap . He would not miss an important missing on the board of the dead? Oh yes, Loki!

His absence immediately seemed suspicious to the fans. After all, why put Gamora and Vision without including Loki? Rumors that he would still be alive redouble intensity after this strange oversight. For most theorists, this is clearly a sign of his return. It could very well be the character supposedly erased in the two scenes “meeting” of the teaser. It would not be so surprising to learn that he managed to deceive his world and especially Thanos by feigning his death and by plotting on his side to defeat the Titan. He would have let Thor mourn without informing him of his survival? After all, impossible is not Loki. Especially since the Avengers Endgame . But this is not a proof in itself, since it could turn flashback scenes or back in time. Unfortunately, we will not have the answer to this question until April 24, 2019. Hurry!