Avengers Endgame: The directors confirm the duration of the film

Video Avengers Endgame: The directors confirm the duration of the film watch online. Tv serial Cinema 7 February 2019 today's latest complete show by Star Plus.

During a Q & A in November, director Joe Russo had teased that Avengers 4 would last three hours … but that it could be lengthened if all the elements did not fit in that time! However, in a recent interview with Collider , the Russo brothers confirmed this initial information: ” I think the studio is down with what is the best story. Now we think the movie is playing well and we had good answers from our test audiences and we feel very good about where it is. We are still working on it. We are not done with him. Once again, it’s the cinematic climax of 22 films there is a lot of storytelling to work inside.”

But do not believe that it will be three hours of pure action scenes, without any stakes in the hearts tormented our favorite vigilantes! ” Emotion is an intrinsic part of it, when you have to tell a very complicated story and you want powerful moving moments with the characters, it takes a certain amount of work, and in particular, it feels like three hours of physical work, ” add the directors. Three hours seem too long? According to Anthony Russo, you will be so captivated that you will not see the time pass: ” We have now screened the film four times for audiences. For the first three,not one person got up to go to the bathroom . “No doubt, Endgame is beautiful is the film that is expected most this year.