Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash: SPOILER resurrected in the next crossover?

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At each episode, his new mystery! Last night, in episode 13 of Arrow Season 7, we met Felicity and Oliver’s daughter , Mia Smoak during flashforwards. Plus, Diggle’s adopted son was also present and he’s one of Mia’s friends. Recently, the CW has confirmed the presence of Connor Hawke for the rest of the season 7d’Arrow . According to the official description of Warner Bros. Television, Connor Hawke (David Jones) is “the adopted son of John Digdle and friend of Mia who hides more secrets than he seems . ” By the way, Connor Hawke appeared in the episode “Star City 2046” of Legends of Tomorrow. His story seems to be interesting and he used the pseudonym of Diggle’s biological son. What happened to John Junior? Is it possible that it no longer exists, and that Sara Diggle exists again?

Fans may remember that Diggle and Lyla originally had a girl in Arrow , whom they named Sara as a tribute to the late Sara Lance. However, when the Legends arrived in a future dystopian city Star City, Diggle and Lyla had a son. The sex change was explained through the “Flashpoint” of The Flash when Barry turned the subtly reality. Baby Sara became baby John. It is possible that the next crossover between Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl announces a change of genre, eliminating the version of John Junior and bringing back Sara. In the comics, “Crisis on Infinite Earths”was designed to clean the many DC universe multivers by resetting them. As a result, many characters have been removed from continuity or changed. It is possible that Sara Diggle will return to the Arrowverse.