Angels 11: A new angel arrives, What will happen next week?

Video Angels 11: A new angel arrives, What will happen next week? watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 10 February 2019 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

This week in Les Anges 11, Mehdi had to leave the adventure following the criticisms of Fabrice . A blow for all candidates, starting with Sephora and Aurélie Dotremont, who clearly did not expect this precipitous departure! But as often in Les Anges, who says departure necessarily says new arrival, and next week, it is an unprecedented candidate who will land in the adventure . Obviously it is an anonymous, since despite his arrival shock, no one seems to know! Will this new arrival change couples into formations of the villa? We can not wait to find out!

While she had already piqued a crisis to Thomas this week in The Angels 11, Nathanya will once again show its excessive character in the next episodes, since during a nightclub night, the anonymous angel will literally fart a lead seeing that the boxer does not pay enough attention. A situation that will clearly cool the candidate, not really excited about the idea of ​​being in a relationship with the manikin fire character . For his part, Osama will begin its appointments in beauty, with the support of Maxime, a recognized magician who has a lot to bring him.