Zone Blanche season 2: SPOILER, what will happen next week on France 2?

Video Zone Blanche season 2: SPOILER, what will happen next week on France 2? watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 19 February 2019 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

Decidedly, this season 2 of Zone Blanche really starts to make us flipper ! Killer bees, repeated deaths, corruption, forest haunted by a mysterious force … the inhabitants of Villefranche can never sleep on their two ears ! Tonight, in the two new episodes of this season 2, Major Laurène Weiss and his team have had a lot to deal with especially since one of them was involved in an old murder case … Despite everything, our heroes, as usual, have gone out with flying colors. But until when ? Next week may be fatal … Attention, spoilers.

Next week, in two new episodes of this Season 2 of Zone Blanche , the disturbing disappearances will be linked to Villefranche. It will first Delphine Garnier who, after his relationship with the prosecutor, will volatilize . Did she choose to leave this complicated situation or was she kidnapped by Gérald Steiner with whom she worked secretly? Siriani, who claws hard for the beautiful, will do everything to discover the truth and could put herself in danger.

But the prosecutor will not be the only one to grapple with death next week in Season 2 of Zone Blanche . After solving a new case of murder, Nounours and Laurène will make a most disturbing encounter in the forest of Villefranche . The mysterious creature that has already appeared several times since the beginning of the season will continue to give us nightmares and one of our favorite characters may well spend there. We will stay there to avoid spoiling the – bad – surprise. See you next Monday at 21h on France 2!