Gray’s Anatomy Season 15: Episode 14, Meredith’s Record, Our Verdict

Video Gray’s Anatomy Season 15: Episode 14, Meredith’s Record, Our Verdict watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 23 February 2019 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

The season 15 Gray’s Anatomy is hard continues to Amelia Owen and episode 14 proved again. In “I Want a New Drug” , a harmful drug circulates in Seattle and causes dozens of overdoses and thus an influx of patients at the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. A topic already delicate for Amelia who is made even more personal by the admission of Betty, she also victim of an overdose . Suffice to say that between the parents of Betty came to recover Leo and the overdose of Betty, the drama is at the rendezvous … Fortunately Teddy does miracles and saves the girl, showing that the promo video of the episode was really up to take us by boat.

As might be expected with such a busy episode, Caterina Scorsone has once again shown her talent and a more endearing Amelia than ever before. Despite all the hardships she faces in season 15 of Gray’s Anatomy , Amelia keeps her head up and remains an important support for Owen. Elsewhere in the hospital, Meredith and DeLuca continue their “honeymoon” phase with an operation of more than 27 hours, a new record for the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. A light plot that shows that the professional relationship of Meredith and Andrew does not suffer from their relationship , and that the two characters have decidedly a nice dynamic.

Episode 14 also focused on the internals and Gray’s Anatomy keeps the good habit of using them to alleviate a heavy atmosphere. As often, it makes you want to see more later, be it Casey, Levi, Taryn or Dahlia. The new kids all have endearing traits and are unveiled as they can in the short screen time allotted to them. Let’s hope that thanks to his relationship with Nico, Levi will continue to be promoted and will bring his classmates with him. Finally the writers may try to put Alex back on the front of the stage, the leader remains the great absent of these last episodes . “I Want a New Drug”so was disappointing for Alex and Jo but he kept a steady pace without neglecting a touch of humor here and there. Seeing interact characters like Link and Amelia or Jackson and Dahlia shows that the series still has plenty to offer us interesting scenes, and we would even like it to further exploit its important cast and talented.