Hellboy: The reboot with David Harbor forbids young spectators?

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It’s official, Hellboy reboot will be bloody! The film, scheduled for release May 8, has received a classification R, that is to say prohibited to under 17 years unaccompanied by an adult . No wonder, given that David Harbor likened the film to feature films like Logan or Deadpool and tease the new version of a character ” coarser ” and that director Neil Marshall described his reboot as ” bloodiest and more violent “than the versions of Guillermo del Toro. Even the Hellboy trailer unveiled a foretaste to the audience of the film’s adult content (explicit fights and bird names).

The Motion Picture Association of America has rated Hellboy R ” for strong bloody violence and blood all the way through, and language “. Although the big studios are fighting for their films to escape this ban for the youngest without adult supervision, in order to open their feature films to the widest possible audience, this proof of the violent character is a good thing for Hellboy . Indeed, the latter is aimed at a mature audience and accustomed to comics books from which it is drawn, and therefore waiting for a spectacle at least as brutal. What’s more, it will allow him to stand out and stand out from all-public superhero movies. No doubt, David Harbor will fight in Hellboy!