Outlander Season 5: The reduced number of episodes, is it a wise choice?

Video Outlander Season 5: The reduced number of episodes, is it a wise choice? watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 5 March 2019 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

Outlander season 4 ended a few weeks ago on Starz and she followed the fourth volume of Diana Gabaldon closely. Even if the producers have opted for some scripting freedoms, the fans have been under the charm of these 13 episodes. However, he was missing the gathering in Outlander’s Season 4 Seasonal, which featured prominently in the last pages of the book. It is quite possible that we find these scenes in season 5 since the series has already been renewed until season 6. Yet we are already asking some questions … The Outlander season 5 will consist of only 12 episodes (instead of 13 usually broadcast). Is it really a wise choice?Is it possible to tell all the important details of “The Fiery Cross” in so few episodes?

A major problem since the very beginning of Outlander was the weather. There are simply not enough episodes to put all the details of the books in the series. This problem is likely to get worse in Outlander Season 5, which will only have 12 episodes. This will be the shortest season to date and it is quite disturbing . ” The Fiery Cross” is the longest book, even condensing the first 200 pages of the novel in just one or two episodes, there will still be a lot of details to be included in a full season.We would have preferred that Outlander season 5follow the tracks of the first with 16 episodes. Let’s hope that many key scenes will not be forgotten.