After Morgan and Dwight, will other characters go to Fear The Walking Dead?

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While The Walking Dead season 9 continues on AMC , fans of crossovers and universe mixes should not expect a new crossover with the Fear The Walking Dead spin-off . Showgirl Angela Kang explained some time ago that no crossover is planned for season 9, but that this proposal would be welcome if it came to him. She does not work directly with the Fear team and is not aware of any plans for The Walking Dead’s little sister.. Yet with the arrival of Dwight in Season 5 following Morgan’s in Season 4, one can reasonably ask if AMC really plans to stop there.

The Walking Dead franchise is expanding, with a new spin-off in preparation and 3 films with Andrew Lincoln telling the end of Rick Grimes’ story. In addition , many starts, including Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Danai Gurira (Michonne) could open the door to appearances in Fear The Walking Dead – provided a new jump in time. But there is still more chance to see Maggie either in season 10 of The Walking Dead , or in one of the movies with Rick. Ditto for Michonne who will appear only in a few episodes of season 10 before disappearing in turn.

The existence of the movies makes it possible to make good farewells to the characters but also between them, since Rick disappeared without being able to say anything. If other characters in the main series go into the spin-off, it is more likely that they are secondary characters but are of interest to fans. Fear puts them in the spotlight and explores their individual stories where the (too?) Large number of characters in The Walking Dead leaves little room for individual narratives. It would also be possible to see Abraham in a flashback since it is more than likely that Althea has already fallen on the survivor and recorded his story.

It is hoped, however, that despite the change of show runners and the presence of Scott Gimple as executive producer, Fear will not continue on the path of exploring the characters of The Walking Dead by neglecting his base cast. Alicia, Victor and Luciana still have a lot to tell and have connected with viewers over the seasons. Despite the interest we have in Althea, June and the others, we would like Fear not to forget his originsand its primary purpose: to tell the apocalypse in a more human way, with characters that can be more easily identified than Rick, Michonne or Daryl. The arrival of Morgan has already disturbed this balance and it is feared that that of Dwight only amplify that. See you this summer to see the result.