Outlander season 5: Are Claire and Laoghaire related?

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While the shooting of Outlander Season 5 is in full swing , theories about the characters are emerging. And if the two worst enemies were actually part of the same family? Since meeting Laoghaire, Claire had only problems in Outlander . She did everything to seduce Jamie, tried to kill her and when she crossed the stones to return to her period, Laoghaire married the Scots … Moreover, their reunion in the season 3 d Outlanderwere bloody! One thing is certain, it is that the two women hate each other so much that a crazy theory has emerged on the Internet … Some fans think that Claire and Laoghaire are part of the same lineage. Is that the case ?

Of all the fan theories about possible parents, this is one of the strangest in Outlander . Since both women are deadly enemies, it is hard to imagine a world where they would really be linked. But this theory was based on the assumption that the lineage of Claire Beauchamp was in fact from the line of Fergus and Marsali, and Marsali being the daughter of Laoghaire, it would bring them closer. If that proves true, it would be a shocking rebound for Claire but there is little chance that this is the case. It is more likely that Claire descends from the lineage of Amelie Beauchamp.