Gray’s Anatomy Season 15: Episode 18, Alex takes things in hands

Video Gray’s Anatomy Season 15: Episode 18, Alex takes things in hands watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 2 April 2019 today's latest complete show by Star Plus.

The season 15 Gray’s Anatomy continues quietly on ABC with a relatively quiet this week episode. “Add It Up” explores some predictable intrigues, starting with that of Amelia and Link. Despite their promise not to go back together, the end of the episode sees them console themselves as they know how to do it following a difficult operation. Although predictable, their story remains pleasant, full of affection and relaxation – something that Amelia had not known for a long time . The happy mood of Link and the,¬†Amelia’s patient and Link, who unfortunately ends up as a paraplegic, turns out to be the mother of Jackson’s patient, Taryn and Richard. The season 15 Gray’s Anatomy took the opportunity once again to highlight the diversity of the world with a non-binary character, that is to say that does not identify as a woman or as a man. In English the pronoun “they / them” is thus used and in French one can notably use “iel”. In the face of Richard’s distress, Taryn and Jackson are patient and serve as an educational vehicle for both Webber and viewers . Once again, we salute the show’s efforts in terms of representation and its way of showing from episode to episode that to include the diversity of the world.