The Flash Season 5: Episode 18, when will it be broadcast?

Video The Flash Season 5: Episode 18, when will it be broadcast? watch online. Tv serial English TV Series 27 March 2019 today's latest complete show by TV Shows.

Barry and his team take the time to breathe a bit after Sherloque’s shocking revelations about Nora’s collaboration with Eobard Thawne … Episode 18 of Season 5 of The Flash, in which Nora will be held captive at Star Labs , was not aired last night on The CW. Fans are eagerly awaiting the consequences of these extremely shocking and surprising confessions. Nora did not even have the courage to tell the truth herself to her parents and the rest of the team. When Sherloque unveiled the secrets of the young woman, Barry felt extremely hurt and betrayed. So he did not hesitate to lock up his daughter in a Star Labs cell. Can he forgive Nora? When will we meet the Team Flash for a new episode?

It will be necessary to be patient since the season 5 of The Flash will return only in 3 weeks, that is Tuesday, April 16th, on the CW. This will be the final stretch before the Season Finale, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, May 14th. In “Godspeed” , the Team will ask about Nora. Can they trust him? Did she lie about anything else? Barry will decide to read his daughter’s diaries in order to be clear. We should also know more about his relationship with Thawne. In addition, Grace aka Cicada will always be a big threat to all meta-humans and heroes of the Team.